Christmas Break

To mark the closing of the Teaching on the Lojong there will be a morning meditation class celebrating the beginning and the end of the Lojong path.

Saturday 29th December 2018 10am-12.30pm


Self-Generation as a Bodhisattva

Bring Mince Pies if you wish!

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Autumn Retreat

Saturday 2oth and 27th October

The Three Buddha Bodies

Generation of a Buddha

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Spring Retreat

This year’s spring retreat is on prana.

Saturday 21st April  – Rotation of the Dan Tien

Saturday 28th April – Microcosmic Orbit

Saturday 5th May  –    The Triple Cross

Sessions start 10am – finish 12.30pm

Cost £10 per session

Leave comment if you want more information.


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Tummo Retreat

Saturday 16th and 23rd December 2017 there will be a retreat on Tummo practice at Guhya college.

10 am – 12.30 pm  The retreat will be guided.

If you wish to learn Tummo practice come to the teaching session on Saturday 9th December 10 am – 12.30 pm.

Tummo is a form of tantric practice designed to produce heat in your body and open the way to spiritual realisation.

For more information contact Guhya College

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Space is of two types: real space and abstract space. In buddhism these are called produced space and unproduced space.

Produced Space

Space is produced when substance moves apart. Substance can move apart at the tantric level or the atomic level. Some larger types of substance such as cloth or putty can be seen to move apart when we pull it. Largely in the world, we think of produced space as when we move two containers aside, or rearrange our furniture. But if we think about it space is produced whenever we apply force to an object which distorts or tears its fabric or causes it to move!

Space is not empty for there is always a residual, or finer level, of substance between the separating objects or breaking structure. In philosophy produced space is never a void. A vacuum cannot exist in nature. The space produced is just of a less dense or categorically finer level of substance. But it is still substance. And no matter how far you divide material nature there will always be a finer level that you cannot see or detect.

Similarly produced space can be removed. Moving objects or substance together reduces or removes space. Where has the finer level of substance gone? That is for physics or tantric yogis to think about.

When we move we think we are moving through space. But this produced space is just a finer level of space which we can move through. It does not mean it is empty of substance whether it is air, outer space or the atomic space. Just that that level off substance permits the movements of more gross objects. This is what we mean when we refer to space in the common world or physics.

Unproduced Space

Unproduced space is abstract. It does not exist in the real world. It is produced by philosophy, or mathematics, as an ideal state in which dimension exists but substance does not. As such it is purely conceptual. It has no real correspondence in reality – though the temptation to apply pure mathematics to the real world has always been strong.

Pure mathematics exists in a conceptual, abstract framework. When we apply it to the real world for useful work we must leave the abstract world, and select an abstract mathematical concept to apply to the real world. As we do so we find we must bring in more and more variables to model the effects of finer levels of substance, such as air or wind or gravity. Or ignore those effects as too negligible for our problem.

In yoga we cannot ignore these effects and unproduced space is of no use to us. For we are interested in the perception of space not its cognition. If we mistake cognition for perception we will make the cardinal mistake of wrong understanding, and hence wrong view! If we meditate on unproduced space as itself we will never find emptiness. And the voidness we find will be a mistake, an incorrect cognition.

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Summer Retreat

This year’s summer retreat at Guhya starts on Saturday 5th August.

The subject is the practice of The Pure Sadhana of Expanding Emptiness

Saturday 5th August – Buddha Nature

Saturday 12th August – Ultimate Bodhicitta

Saturday 19th August – Happiness

10 am – 12.30 pm each session

All welcome who wish to meditate on the path to emptiness

Cost £10 per session

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January Retreat

The January retreat of 2017 will be on:


And How To Find It

Contact Guhya for further information

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